Looking back from this not so distant future,
the bed and its occupants glow,
all anger and distrust and hurt gone.
Gentle voices, soft laughter and tears mingle freely,
washing away old animosities at the time of this parting.

In the face of the task,
to ease this frail, overused body,
to relinquish its claim on the radiant soul within . . .
all else fails.

Caught up in the normalcy of daily living,
time rushes past and we fail to hear
the heart’s true message from one to another
so the mountain of resentments
build bunkers around the heart,
preparing for battle.

It is only in this parting, so full of pain and sorrow
such pettiness can be lifted.
His life was  dedicated to healing hearts . . .
and in his final hours, he defied expectations
and created a surcease of souls’ angst
intertwining embittered hearts and bringing peace.

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