I suspect certain women become re-virginated.  It is a physical, mental, and perhaps spiritual state of mind and being.  No, for all you wise-asses out there, they don’t go in and request a new hymen. (Although they could if they wanted I suppose). But, that vagina might tighten up some.

For some, it could be the result of countless years alone. .  by choice or not. For others, a woman might need time to regroup after a bad relationship or rape. But whatever the reason, I think a woman needs to develop a space within herself for her own purposes and not a man’s. I’m not anti-man – but I am certainly pro-woman. In fact, this could well apply to lesbians – after all, women have relationships with both, either, or neither.

I think the process applies even more to a woman’s mind. Time, the eternal healer, needs to grasp a woman’s heart and gently enclose it, protect it, until the time a woman is ready to share it with another. We all need time when our hearts need mending – as if embraced by a loving parent and rocked in that old chair, being sung lullabies and playful songs until the heart is eased.

So if you need to – Re-virginate.  It could be the best thing you can do for yourself, to take back ownership of your body.

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