Changing the Diagnosis

As I have mentioned before, I have Bipolar II. I always thought I had no manic stages but I’m rethinking that. Most of the time I stay in the depressed side of things. Normalcy is an exciting thing.

But I have an obsession with food. When I get paid I generally go immediately to the store. If I have $100, that is what I pay out. You need to understand, I am the only one who lives here and I don’t have visitors. Right now my refrigerator, freezer, and pantry have no room for anything else. Food containers are piled on top of each other.. There is no way I’ll be able to eat it all. I often give it away. The week before I spent $200. I’m not as bad when it comes to clothing but I can go beyond what I should spend and its always impulsive. And I live below the poverty line.

I’m not sure if that constitutes mania. begun to think I should have a keeper when I go shopping. There are so many things that money is needed for.

So, for all you bipolars’ out there – what does it sound like? Does impulsivity define bipolar I? And how long does it last? Does it last only for that time I am shopping? It is all quite confusing. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Changing the Diagnosis”

  1. What I find myself doing is flying suddenly from one idea to the next. I don’t know how many blogs have I started, and then taken it down within a few days or how many domains have I registered, to never use them again. Many times, I told my shrink, that because of the energy that I get, I would take a hypo-manic episode over the depression, any time. :o)


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