The plants knew it first                                            
suddenly wanting more water
shoots thrusting out
fast and faster
some an inch or two a day
all stretching toward
the single set of windows
in my apartment called home.

The weather thought about it
a little more . . .
just a few days
mulling it over
asking itself if it really
wanted to exert the energy
to make plants grow
and goats give birth
and people to stop for no reason at all
turning their faces to the sky,
bemused expressions on their faces.

The wild geese had been returning
for the past few weeks
carrying hope
on their wingtips,
but few had time to believe their cries.

Its the day when people
bring out the outdoor cushions
maybe a bit premature
but wishful nonetheless

Soon the sand scrapers will be
brushing the roadways
screeching and thudding their way
down pothole pavement
as trucks come out with steaming vats
full of tar to fill the worst
of the worst.

My restless legs must take a walk
looking sharply for the crocus’
first peek through the ground,
two birds hastening o build their nest,
ferns unfurling
and wait for the wild leeks
to show their two bunny ear leaves.

Its time to re-establish
life is worth living
and I was meant
to be a part of it.

Picture by Marty Dugan

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