Housesitting at Diane’s


While living in Northern California I tried a number of jobs, one of which was House/Pet sitter. The nights were Dark where Diane lived. There weren’t any street lights and house lights were shut off early in the evening around their place. One of Diane’s dogs slipped out of her collar when I took them for last call late in the evening. She went out from the yard and went awandering. So here am I trying to catch her and the yard across their dirt road had a 6 foot deep draining and being not used to the area, chasing the dog, I fell into that ditch. Both dogs were staring down at me and it took some doing to crawl out, especially as I was scraping at loose gravel. In fact, I kept falling back and was while her dogs are sitting on top laughing their asses off. I swear the dogs were laughing. And while saying “FUCK” alternately with a little prayer sent up this little, little voice –help me please god somebody help me?? It took what seemed like, and probably was, 20 minutes to get out of there. Other times I fell down their porch stairs at least twice. One night they removed the cushions from the couch and chewed thhuge holes and chunks of stirofoam! By the end of the week I could hardly walk and was rethinking this plan to be a house-sitter.

One thought on “Housesitting at Diane’s”

  1. What a tale! I know someone who tried pet sitting for a while, and had a number of stories to tell. Still, a good pet sitter is worth his or her weight in gold. I had a wonderful one, who moved off to Portland, and I’ve still not found a good replacement.

    I’m glad you weren’t hurt any more badly than you were. Incidents like that can be a weird combination of funny and scary.


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