Down and Dirty


Don’t woo me gently –
take me fast and hard,
scorching the skin
in the intensity. the
blaze of your fiery passion.

Please, forget the tender
touching, the quiet communion
of souls, the silent reaching out
for understanding and warmth.
Wrap me in a spinning
inferno of feelings,
rock the ground upon which
my feet tread.
Let me feel those butterflies
of infatuation too soon gone.

Don’t go so slowly
that I come to know
the secret person behind
the mask of illusion.
I don’t want to know
your soul – for if I do
I may never wish
to let it go.

Don’t court me
with flowers and endearments,
for coming to love you
would hurt far more
than burned fingers ever could.

(No – please, take me slowly,
gently – cover me in kisses
sweet with desire, warm me
in your quiet glow –
let me know that love
I so dread feeling –
so achingly seek. Don’t
leave before I can feel
the pain of your embrace
one more time,
and time again.)
Don’t court me

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