Yearning for Glory


You are but a child
yearning for glory
without knowing the
weapons or how best
to use them.
The gift of knowledge,
so slow to attain –
once yours,
remains within forever,
to be pulled forth
when needed.

As with a child,
you will grow . . .
passing stages in
an ever accelerated pace,
on to loftier aims.
But again –
a child learns first
to creeping crawl
close to the ground.
Next tottering precariously
on weaving legs,
quick to buckle down,
with many falls.

He tip-toe teeters forward,
unsteady limbs
propelling him onward
against his will –
crying when defeat
crosses his path.
Running comes last
through the clean, sweet air.
But battle scars
are always won –
before the medal is obtained.

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