General Service Message

Spring is just around the corner,
the birds are peeking about,
sniffing the air – intent to remain
until autumn’s gusty breezes.
Flowers are poking their heads
through moist, pungent earth
beginning to make their presence known
and butterflies are beginning
to unravel their cocoons.

All this is to let you know
that the time has come
to vacate those dark corners
and seek the light breezes
and warm, sunny places
of the glistening morn.

For gloomy thoughts and
reluctant bodies have no place
in the glorious melodies of Spring.
So cast off those winter chains
and break those bonds. . .
become as free as the winds.

A happy mind, makes a happy worker –
be she drone or queen.
And happy people are far more apt
to be productive, content
with their lot, and enthusiastic
regarding their performance.

This is a general service message
for the disheartened, disgruntled,
dismayed, disillusioned, discombobulated
and thoroughly disheveled
peoples of the planet.

Image courtesy of Marty Dugan

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