The past few days have been hard. We buried my uncle yesterday – a man I deeply loved. Then today, a woman I was fond of died. She had been in a concentration camp, lost most everyone, and was caught in a loop of her terrors most of the time. Her daughter came most everyday to be with her. I know almost anyplace is better than where her mind took her but I’ll miss her nonetheless.

On the other hand, my daughter is getting married in a few weeks. While overjoyed for her, there is a sadness she will be leaving me to go on to a new life that much further away. It is selfish I know, but I gave birth to her and tried to support her as she grew.

The. Changes of Life sometimes spin out of control, leaving dreams of running races, feeling breathless, with my joints reflecting my age.


In the Dungeon

Deep in the hole I lie
Far down and deeper still
The light is but glimmer
A pinhole from in the distance

The hard, sharp rocks beneath me
Tear at raw flesh
As I peer over the ledge
Clinging in terror
Fearful of the abyss

These days I piece together
One rough, sharp edge at a time
Discomfort has its own reward
while I await rescue

I call to people who comfort me
Those who help lift me from the hole
For now is a time
I am a burden to myself

The frailness of body, mind, and spirit
Want to define me.
But with help, I am more than that.