Party night, play night,
never gonna know what will happen
pot, booze, boys calling my name
am I a siren to all those boys
or are they ones for me?
A box of candy many flavored
most are to savor
a few are Harry Potter’s snot jelly beans
what the hell, not all can
can be a good flavor.

So I reach into the drawer
pull out a pair of Dad’s socks
f0r I know as long
as I’m wearing those socks
I’ll be just as much a virgin
at the end of the night
as when it started.
Even took a pair to college
wore them . . . for a while . . .

3 thoughts on “Socks”

  1. I don’t know how I ended up not getting email notifications of new entries here — perhaps you changed your blog theme? It happens sometimes when people make that kind of change.

    In any event, I’m all signed up again, and will be back to see what I missed. I never (well, almost never) pay any attention to my Reader, but that’s how I found you tonight. I’m glad!


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