Velveteen Rabbit feelings

Sometimes your soul cries out
into the wilderness
dust swirls surrounding you
tumbleweeds brushing legs
yet hear nothing
not even the sound of the wind
only the mistakes,
the ruination of your life
the sometimes slow,
often blindingly fast
trickle of events.

Your throat stretches aching
tearful, encased within
flesh, blood, sinews
not able to erupt –
with blankness of spirit
and a mind not able
to find answers to release and renew.

Even so, more than anything,
you want release,
to be a real person
fully functional
with gifts you can offer
and people who accept you
for who you are
and what you’re all about.

Like the Velveteen Rabbit,
you become worn,
and the soul searches relief
not believing you got that way
by being loved, cherished
but by being encumbered.
Day turns to night, night to day,
and the soul searches relief
again and again.

Slowly, by ever slowly,
you begin to understand,
to connect synapses long shredded,
remember long held verses,
and look to the Master
the one who was stroking
your fur all that time
you felt so alone
He being the one
who made you shabby and worn,
yet filled with the knowledge of life,
that you were always protected,
guarded, given necessary lessons,
and loved, oh so very loved.

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