We need heroes. Tangible, real people who stand out and speak the words we dream to say, think in ways which wrap imagination into a spinning swirl.

Those of us fortunate to be blessed with Bipolar are certainly in need and lately, there seems to be an emergence of  more media focus, more actors and other people of prominence who are not just announcing they have Bipolar but are creatively working to generate attention and understanding.

We lost one of these this week.  Carrie Fischer was a strong-willed, at times, in your face, person brimming with life.  Of course, she had her low times – she couldn’t have this disease otherwise.  Richard Dreyfus is another shining example. Creative, a driving force who has known both sides of the equation, he is a brilliant actor.

There are so many of us out in the world.  I can often see someone somewhere, watch a bit, and know she is a compatriot.  And she may  seem not to know she is in the midst of the symptoms of Bipolar or even that she has it.

We need to not feel ostracized. To be able to feel the stirrings of strength within us.  And sometimes maybe we could benefit from having posters on the wall of those Bipolar Heroes who we see as champions, ones we can look at saying “If she can, so can I.”

There is no sin in having Bipolar, only to know you have It, only in having it and not doing anything about it. Your choice,  acceptance and action – or – misery.

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