Ever try talking with a cat?
Not talking to, not talking at
but attempting to reach into
the cat mind and communicate?
Can’t do it
It’s not the same as learning
another human language –
even one like the tribe in Africa
that communicates through clicks,
because there are interpreters
and pantomime –
they are beginning to interpret
whale sounds, elephant language . . .
All you are left with
in the cat corner
is the pseudo interpretation
of behaviors and
short of a cat whisperer. . .
well, even that is behavior
interpretation  and showmanship..
I’ll come home to the cat’s meow
and mimic it –
I might be saying, yes,
I ate dog poop today –
how do I know?
He lets me know when he’s hungry,
angry, bored, indifferent,
glad to see me – oh-
and when I’ve spent too long
on the computer, reading, sleeping. . .
Spike the Cat, share those inner thoughts,
talk to me.
(that might be a tad scary though –
I mean, what if he’s been using me
all this time?)

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