Trump’s 2017 Speech to Congress – Reaction

As I read President Donald Trump’s 2017 speech to Congress this morning and then read the Fact Checker on same, I have to think we must be morons if we don’t check the facts. Everyone is prone to exaggeration – stories told get longer and more detailed with higher impressionistic pictures created at family and friend get-togethers. But to start out lying or stretching the boundaries of incredulity make data terribly confusing to the American.

We must become informed citizens with this President. He speaks with a forked tongue and has an overwhelming ego to uphold. He does not know the system in which he now must operate, and until he does, he doesn’t know what he can push through and where he can’t. What is he going to do with increased military spending? If we are going to operate more within our borders, why beef up the military when there is so much more needed in other areas. I read a story yesterday about a family where the mother is now separated by border control from her husband and children. That’s heart-breaking.

I read the lip service to raising the standards of the middle-class. That is all well and good but so little is said regarding the poor and disabled. Where will they benefit in the new system? Not enough services are available now and those that are, are often unable to meet the demand. Nor are these people necessarily able to find those services. People who are limited physically, emotionally and/or mentally may not know how to reach out, how to fill out the mountain of paperwork they need to complete, may not have advocates to help them, may have language differences impeding them, and may not be able to reach those services. And in filling out the paperwork, it is often a matter of How you say something, not that it is said.

I am seeing a lot of hate-mongering which has been generated since the Trump campaign started. Perhaps that’s the real reason the military needs to be beefed up. And it’s not us vs. the outsiders, it’s us vs. us. On Capitol Hill and on the streets. Women’s Rights, Immigrant Right’s, Gay Rights, Transgender Rights are all being weakened. Any strides made under Obama and earlier are being slashed.

Frankly, the potentiality of Trumps’s New Order scares the crap out of me. I see racism, sexism, and fervent, militant religiosity blowing up. People lurking under the woodwork are now out in the open where they are readily apparent.

I’d like to know how to make a difference. I’ve tried and been stymied. Does working the system get you anywhere anymore? I’m, scared, frustrated, and lock-chained by my circumstances. How can I reach beyond and help?

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