Tattoo me?

I’ve always had a hard time understanding tattoos. Why would a constantly changing person tattoo something that permanently sets them at a particular time a place? I’m not writing this to insult people who wear them. I guess I am set in my ways. I’ve thought about getting one but what do I have to say? My ideas are transient, my children are grown and live far away, I don’t like to be held down to things that supposedly define me. Some of the artwork is truly beautiful, especially the colored ones, but it’s still not me, besides I have enough pain in my life.

When I was in high school, in the town I lived in, there was an old, big chested woman who everyone said had a tattoo of a ship on her chest. Everyone joked that the ship was sinking. That stuck in my mind. I thought about all those tattoos that got stretched when people gained weight, or became wrinkled when the opposite occurred. I thought about lines blurring into others and everything became a blob. And I thought about tattoos that no longer fit, or weren’t politically correct, and the scarring which was painful when removing tattoos that no longer fit into their lives.

Needless to say, I might be a spineless, too flexible person, but I have a hard ime wrapping my mind around tattoos.

2 thoughts on “Tattoo me?”

  1. I love tattoos, I started getting some one by one from age of 30, now at nearly 44 I have quite a few and plan more
    it’s very clear that you have no understanding of what tattoo feels like to someone like me, it’s not something I wear, it’s ME, my tattoos are part of me, part of who I am, my history, my life, me as a whole
    if you don’t feel like this about tattoos you definitely should not get one as you’ll probably regret it while you change
    you see, for me the stretching/sagging thing, the pain it doesn’t matter-it’s just the proces, part of the journey that’s life and my tattoos are my landmarks 🙂
    other worries like tattoo turning to blob or getting blurry or wrong design etc. are sadly the effect of ignorance and lack of research (getting them cheap/from bad tattooist, not taking proper care of your skin and your tattoos, some tattoos may need refreshing)
    I don’t know if my comment makes sense to you 🙂
    just wanted to share my love for tattoos and tell you that if you don’t love it, do not get it 😉


  2. I’m no fan, either. If for some reason I was being forced to have a tattoo of some sort, I probably would go for an “ankle bracelet” — a little chain of daisies or something. But I don’t even have pierced ears, so tattoos aren’t very likely for me, either.


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