Catching up

I’m at work now so may have trouble finishing this in one sitting.   I am moving tomorrow, or I’m supposed to be. Still waiting for the Section 8 inspection to happen. If they don’t today, I won’t be moving until they do. Talk about being on tender hooks. I’ve packed most everything, rented the truck, and hired guys to move with but it could all be screwed up.

I’m also going through an appeal at Social Security which is happening right now. They made a lot of mistakes but I’m paying the price for my errors.  Because I’m on SSDisability, I can only earn a certain amount. There were some times I went slightly over the limit and have to pay that back. $17 K for a lot of years. It irks me they couldn’t do it when I wasn’t  this far along. I am hopelessly bad at math and finances.

Finally, I’m facing  knee surgery in a fe w weeks and more in a couple of months later on my neck. So I am a bit overwhelmed by life at this time.

I haven’t written in a while and wanted to explain.