Just read an exciting article about AirBNB’s plan of matching homeless refugees with people willing to share their homes for a few days to a few weeks.  They will be eventually be setting up a foundation to do these type of things.  They already have done similar work in the case of fires, floods, and other catastrophes but this is a departure from their usual fare.

I thought about how families have exchange student for a year or more and wonder why this can’t be something done on networks such as these.  Not for as long, but as a service in emergency situations.  I know there are informal cases in domestic tragedies but this is different.  People would have to be vetted on both sides. Still, it is an interesting possibility.

I find Trump’s attitudes toward refugees, particularly Muslim ones, as well as his immigration policies and treatment of muslims and xenophobia within this country frightening and personal.  If a Muslim mosque gets destroyed, pay the same consideration paid to churches.

But here are solutions, operated by both private and public sectors that can do a legitimate service, and have in the past.  I applaud the work they are doing and hope the people of this nation rally round programs such as these.

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