Notes on Camelot

Lancelot and Judas filled the same purpose
in their historical roles – each was a pawn
in the greater design.

Guenevere merely fought herself – the battle
between wanting to be woman while needing
to be legend – peace only coming when she
accepted a higher power … God.

Arthur was not meant to be a man
but a god in the guise of man.
Half man – half legend.
Totally noble – but weak in that goodness.
Not wholly real but not able to handle
the strength of goodness
therefore weakness being his evil.

Mordrid was evil incarnate –
lacking goodness.
Neither Arthur or Mordrid
were fully realized within themselves
they were whole together.

Launcelot and Guenivere were, too.
Crushed by their need
to be human – only recovering
when hell had been paid –
when higher powers were last
surrendered to –
Launcelot’s Higher Power Trinity
being Arthur, Truth and Love.

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