Music soothes the sorrowing soul

Music, melodious, bluesy,
tingling, tinkling
nape of neck
curling about spine
down to its lowest rung
easing, soothing,
breaking free shackles
of discontent
hours, maybe days or months
in the making.
Music gives pause
to daily life,
makes the heartbeat
to a different rhythm
then one just moments previous.
Of God’s many gifts
surely music is
among the very best
giving the chance
of a shift in perspective,
an ability to see nuances
just recently hidden.
the capacity to regroup,
rewrite the verses of the soul
into ones so much more
palatable, serene, life-giving.
With the dawn
of a new day
the voice rises in song
to match Nature’s heartbeat
and rejoice in being.
Music soothes the sorrowing soul.



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