School Shootings

“There have been at least 288 school shootings in the U.S. since 1/1/09, 57 times more than the other G7 countries combined.”    -CNN

This is a staggering statistic, and classifying it as such just removed myself from it further.  How we can face each day knowing we are letting this evil snuff out the lives of our young? This is not a statistic but heinous travesty orchestrated largely by mentally ill people against the hope of our future…our children.

Does this sound like a rant?  Maybe… But I have to believe we are manufacturing these problems against those not able to fight back.  And do we really want them to?  Wouldn’t that be exasperating the problem?

Nor am I trying to point the finger at the mentally ill.  I wonder how many of these killers are suicidal rather than mentally ill.  We assume anyone who would do such a thing is mentally ill but is that really the case?  There are plenty of sociopaths in this world, ones who choose to make a name for themselves at the expense of others.

Think about it.  The mass killings have always been where there were groups or crowds of people in an environment when they are not armed or were too young to be. Cowards conduct these atrocities.  People who don’t have the courage to deal with their problems head-on, or lack the ability to control themselves.  However, their acts are pre-meditated, planned.

We need to look at the psychology of the serial killer on a more global level.  If we understand who we are dealing with, we have a better chance to prevent attacks.  I don’t mean therapists and police alone, but ordinary people.  If we understand the monster in the closet, perhaps we can identify them before they act.

If parents know what clues to look for, perhaps they can stop their children from doing harm.  The clues are there – they only need to be looked for.  If students and teachers can identify troubled, violent youths before they act, catastrophes can be prevented.  If the neighbor sees something, please let him or her reach out for help rather than not getting involved.  If the police know the signs, they might not overlook them in the name of protecting privacy.

Maybe I’m blathering platitudes, but 288 school shootings, and we being the only developed nation with this problem, needs addressing so that the hope of our future isn’t snuffed out before they have a chance to grow.


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