Becoming truly vulnerable, even with just a few choice people, is both humbling and awe inspiring. I doubt many of us can do it for sustained periods. It grazes the soul. Even if contained to a handful of minutes, it is a beautiful thing to behold. It makes the moments in a day real, immediate. Being who you are, without containment, blemishes and all, can bring you to your knees, and open doors to understanding both for yourself and those who are witness to it.

Take a minute and grasp the you beneath the layers. Hold on to the fragile, ephemeral essence of who you are. It won’t break you. Then choose a person to expose it to. Scary, huh? But if you do it and hold it there, an unfolding begins and often opens the doors in other people as well. It is well worth the ride.

I have always had trouble being vulnerable to my cat much less other people. During past trip to be with my kids I had the opportunity to expose myself and be vulnerable. I finally have reached a point where I am comfortable with who I am so didn’t feel the need to hide. My kids saw a me they had not encountered before. They, in turn, were able to relax and be themselves. We had moments of clarity. I left for home feeling a deep sense of well-being and joy. They told me they felt they had their mother back. All for not dwelling in subterfuge.

I heartily recommend taking off the mask to everyone. It can be terrifying or wondrous, but everyone should experience the feeling.

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