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Ever try talking with a cat?
Not talking to, not talking at
but attempting to reach into
the cat mind and communicate?
Can’t do it
It’s not the same as learning
another human language –
even one like the tribe in Africa
that communicates through clicks,
because there are interpreters
and pantomime –
they are beginning to interpret
whale sounds, elephant language . . .
All you are left with
in the cat corner
is the pseudo interpretation
of behaviors and
short of a cat whisperer. . .
well, even that is behavior
interpretation  and showmanship..
I’ll come home to the cat’s meow
and mimic it –
I might be saying, yes,
I ate dog poop today –
how do I know?
He lets me know when he’s hungry,
angry, bored, indifferent,
glad to see me – oh-
and when I’ve spent too long
on the computer, reading, sleeping. . .
Spike the Cat, share those inner thoughts,
talk to me.
(that might be a tad scary though –
I mean, what if he’s been using me
all this time?)

Maintaining a Presence in the Blogosphere


Emptiness, an unfathomably deep hole where all creativity falls…
Sometimes participating in the bloggo sphere takes so much of my time there is
no space for writing. And because of my brain trauma, sometimes there just ain’t nothin’ ‘dere mates.

Once I received a comment saying the person used to come all the time to read my words but there just hadn’t been any for a while and he/she was disappointed. I panicked. What can I say? Do I pull something from the past? Do I have any creativity left? I don’t want to waste anyone’s time reading what doesn’t have value.

Plus, I have a life that extends beyond my writing. I mean, where does my writing come from? …..my life. Even though my family doesn’t generally read my writings, I am leery of sharing the stories which we are all in. And there are plenty… Although I can write this – what do you do with a cat who insists on climbing into my lap and head butting to show he loves me every time I get on the computer? Then putting his paws on the keyboard because he has something to say too. God forbid he learns how. The secrets he knows, I just don’t think are sharable.

I have been (hopefully) upgrading my blog; creating pages, trying to put archived writings in their appropriate pages. It takes a long time and I still don’t know if I’m doing it right. Please let me know if you see I am missing the mark.

Please be patient, friends of mine. This blog means so much to me. But connecting to your blogs and reading what your heads and hearts produce means a great deal as well. And often I am so humbled and ashamed of what I have to offer, in comparison, that I freeze. I hope to be a blogger and reader in the bloggo sphere for a long time to come.