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Sunsets and Fireflies

Sunsets weave magic into my life. Whatever is going on, the beauty of a sunset gives me pause, lets me be caught up, if even for a moment, in the knowledge that the world is a thing of majesty, even if we insignificant people are managing to muck it up at an incredible rate. What will happen when we can’t see sunsets anymore, when the lights of the sky go dark, when brooks are too polluted to refresh yourself in them or even perhaps draw near them.

How far back have generations asked themselves if they should bring children into the world because of how bad the world has become? How many of us are scared, each and everyday, by the raging violence in the world and the rulers who seem to delight in making the lives of the underclass, the poor, and middle-class, the disabled and disease ridden people more miserable?

We are so blind to our impact on this planet. From the acts of kindness we do or do not, to the effect our acts have on the physical bodies of ourselves and others. I read how it was suspected a grandmother’s smoking caused autism in her grandchild. Yes, we all know smoking is bad for you but autism? We complain how bugs bother us but to go through life without seeing the dance of fireflies?

No matter how many years I have left, let me not forget sunsets and fireflies. I trudge so often in the sludge of life’s underpinnings. Give me a glowing sky.

Winter winds a blowin’

It’s 6 AM and I am not an early riser.  I’m more “The children were nestled all snug in their beds” but no dreams of sugar plums dance in my head.  Maybe that’s a good thing, I’d  likely gain weight just dreaming about them. But the gas fire is burning, there is the incessant running of little feet over my head, the coffee is brewing, and I want to write.

There’s a snowstorm coming today.  Supposedly another big one – 6 to 12″ – or so the climatologists are saying.  Well, some are saying one thing, others another, but the gist is we are getting the white stuff. None of my coats close as they should, buttons loose, button holes ripped, claspings don’t stay clasped. My sewing skills are sorely lacking.

We Northeasterners used to be a hardy lot, but we don’t get the kind of snow we vaguely remember.  Oh, there are a few that blow our way but there are days now in January and February when people are out jogging in their tight little outfits, midriffs showing, tee shirts abounding, and animals out of their eons old patterns.  I heard geese the other day and started begging them to turn around, it isn’t time yet.  Bears don’t hibernate the way they used to.  They are out perusing human leavings because there isn’t food to eat because their internal clocks are off.

I’m just as bad.  I had two accidents this winter.  One in a torrential  downpour, a mere fender tap but still, while the other driver and I were ok, a policeman showed up as we were leaving to give me a tough ticket. Then, three weeks ago, on a road I travel to work on, I went off the road, hit God knows what, sheared off my driver’s side rear view mirror as it scraped and banged up that entire side while taking off the right bumper and breaking the window washing system.  Needless to say, I’m looking for another car – scared I’ll repeat my actions on the next victim  and feeling oh, so sad I did this to my staunchly loyal little Hyandai Accent of 12 years.  It took me to California and up and down that state. And since I’m on Disability, I can’t afford much.  Anyone have a good car for under $2K?

So here I am, waiting for the snow to start and wondering if I dare go to church today.  We have quite an elderly population so church might end up closing for the day so no one suffers any falls.  We are also poor and small, we can’t afford any falls or accidents.  My rickety, screeching car maybe shouldn’t drive the 15 miles in the snow.

So, as my coffee cools, I will continue staring out the window waiting, and wondering what I should do. (Just got the call, church is cancelled for today, yippee! nothing to worry about now except finding a new car.