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Travesty and the Lack of Succor at the Borders and Within Our Lives

Believe me, I think it is heinous what is happening at the Mexican border.  That nursing and Down’s syndrome children, or any others, should be ripped away from their parents’ arms is an atrocity.  And for a Bible passage (Romans 13: 1-14) to be used for justification of such activities is unconscionable, and incorrectly used as justification.  What happened to, accept the huddled masses?

Now we have withdrawn from the UN Human Rights Commission saying Israel is not being treated fairly.  What hypocrites!  And the fact that we don’t seem to have any alternatives to shredding families apart and causing permanent psychological and perhaps physical harm to the children, and parents, is infinitely sad.  I feel nauseous when I hear President Trump or the Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Neilsen.

But human rights violations have been going on in our country since its inception.  Our “Enlightened” society has been prejudiced against each immigrant group that has come to our shores or were already on them. These past few decades alone have been filled with discrimination:  LGBQT, Blacks, Women, Native Americans, Latinos, Puerto Ricans, the list goes on.  It behooves us to have a psychological change in our interpretation of social order and justice.  Sometimes there doesn’t seem to have enough pure air to breathe.  Arians, Bigots, Thoughtless people who may not even know their actions are prejudiced are making me feel claustrophobic. I’m not saying I am without fault, the fault lies within all of us.

But the plight of the people trying to cross our borders is heartbreaking. Yes there are those who come with the intent to do harm and we need to prevent that.  But the vast majority are people just like us who have been ostracized, had their lives threatened, or lived amid civil unrest. They deserve succor even if they are not allowed to stay.  They don’t deserve to find their illusions of safety shattered, their children taken to be put in cages, in internal Guatanamo Bay for kids.  They don’t deserve the massive stress of separation, not knowing where their children are taken, and the trauma of possibly not seeing their kids again.

I don’t know what the solution is – only that what is going on right now has to stop.  Restitution needs to be considered.  These people are not cattle.  They don’t deserve what they have to content with.  Their lives matter as much as our own and we would never stand idlely by while our own children were taken, or those we knew already in the nation’s borders.

This is feeling more and more  like a police state with an almighty ruler sanctifying adversity and trauma. We need to take action. Day by day our rights are being threatened, the country we took for granted two years ago is being devastatingly ruined. We must act for the children and parents coming to our southern border. It could well be us down the road.  Maybe I seem reactionary but I feel helply watching as innocent people are herded into concentration camps.  We are doing exactly what we did to the American Japanese in World War II.   Didn’t we say, never again when that happened?

Thoughts on Mao and Deng


While reading about the exploits of Mao, and then again Deng Xiaoping, my mouth kept dropping open in sheer disbelief. It is hard to believe someone could be as deranged as either of these men and not get stopped. Totalitarianism, as the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience states, happens when a “government forcibly suppresses political, religious, or social belief” other than its own. But this was not suppression against other people, as Mao did in Tibet, this was against his own people.

The figures are staggering. In the Epoch Times article of July 24, 2007, David Kilgour, reported that 70 million civilians were killed during peace times, more than any leader of the 20th century. Most of us know about Mao’s brutality toward Tibetans . . . at one time over half of all males were in forced labor camps, dying from the work and starvation.

What we may not know about are the atrocities he conducted on his own people. I know there is evil in the world – I just didn’t know it could be that bad, or that he would do this to his own, cutting his nose off to spite his face. Thirty five million Chinese died from starvation during Mao’s “Great Leap Forward initiative. The Laogai concentration camps were spread across China.

This sociopath knew what he was doing was horrible because he hid the extent of it from both the Chinese and the outside world. Then, in 1975, during a private conversation, Mao admitted that China was the poorest country. When Mao died and Deng Xiaoping took control, his nightmarish control was just as bad. Of course. there is a bit of comic relief, Newsweek, in an article by Matthew Philips, reported that China has banned the act of reincarnation except by a strict path detailed by the State Administration for Religious Affairs. Its end result is to crack a wedge between Tibet and the Dalai Lama.

The mother in me wants to go there, from one person to the next, and apologize for not knowing, for not acting, for not healing. I hope I never forget that.

If Confucius could fast forward to see the country he was so instrumental in creating, what would he think? His craft was in creating order out of chaos, and he did it brilliantly. He provided a form and structure that could regulate society, that both individuals and governments could adhere to.

Over the past 60 years, the combined efforts of Mao Tse-tung and then Deng Xaiping have laid the country bare, destroying both the people and the land. Both were sociopaths on a grand scale.

Mao set out to conquer Tibet through the annihilation of the people, forcing
censorship and servitude. But that was another country which doesn’t make what he did right but it is somewhat understandable. What is much harder to understand were his actions against the people he ruled.

Confucius provided rituals and traditions that served as stepping stones to understanding. Mao and Deng were like Stage 5 hurricanes, destroying all in their wake. Confucius might have bowed his head in shame and disbelief.