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The World At Large


Don’t Tell Me its those blacks
waving their “BLACK LIVES MATTER” signs
Or those Congolese stealing their
child soldiers, prostituting
young girls as “temporary wives”.

Don’t Tell Me its the homeless riffraff
and all they do is pimp their bodies,
sell their souls. How they should
be in the mental hospitals . . . where do
you think they came from? From
the hospitals, wars, drugs, society’s ills.

Don’t Tell Me its the Native Americans
fault. They could do better
but lack the initiative. Whites tore
their lives apart. Moving them,
killing buffalo giving them worthless land,
stripping them of their language,
culture, paths of life . . . dignity.
Giving them alcohol their body chemistry
was allergic to.

Don’t Tell Me the World’s ills
are shouldered by ISIS (L).
That Muslims carry a plague of moral
poison and devastation, can’t be trusted.
Who put them in power? Gave them guns?
Used them as pawns against a Syrian dictator?

Don’t Tell Me Whites are innocent.
who brought in slaves, where 1 in 6
crowded into ship holds, died
while the others, crammed in tight,
lay chained to the dead?
To a country where freedom
was an illusion and 97%
of all confederate soldiers
had no slaves but still fought
for a way of life they couldn’t live.

Where a Presidential Candidate,
who only married foreign women,
talks of building walls to keep out
the foreigners and the majority of people
applaud him for his audacity.
Where we farm out our more subversive
problems to War mercenaries
who can act in ways the government can’t.

My ears are weary of the lies, mistruths,
manipulations. For if we are
the “greatest country in the world”.
I pity this world. Don’t Tell Me
we are a pressured lot – it is we
who are enacting the byplays
and machinations of the world
or standing by spinelessly
and watch.