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I recently heard about a movement to change the constitution to read –  men and women. I think it’s a wonderful idea whose time has come. It is been a long time getting here.

Until women can feel that they are wholly a part of the legitimacy of society and men can understand that there is no such thing as supremacy over the opposite sex we will not have a truly equal society.

Lately it seems that we are faltering in the Me2 movement. Man after man are getting away with sexual harassment and shifting blame or fault back on their accusers.  I almost hate pointing this out because I believe there are many good men who have women’s best interests at heart.  But as one political situation after another rises where the man denies his deeds, saying the women are just trying to get attention, as our President would say, we steadily loose ground.

It is my fervent hope that we can right the injustice of our Constitution deleting half of our population without it becoming a circus of sexual orientation.  One is not the same as the other.  We are talking about the basic acknowledgement of the female sex… the honoring of what our species is born as, two sexes.  What people become is something different.  And it is something I respect.  It just doesn’t have a forum in this issue.

I am looking forward to supporting the movement.  It is the right thing to do.