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Summertime at the Cabin

As a kid, our family went to the Cabin in upstate New York every summer.  It was paradise…two months of town rec, swimming pools, waterfalls, state parks, swimming holes, mountains to climb, fossils to find…every child’s time of wonderment and freedom.  Granted, it was a time when kids could walk down the tar hot road to friends a mile or two away for the day.  Times have changed, but up there, not so much.

Nowadays, the adults do day trips, hang out at the creek, go swimming, build campfires and eat delicious food.  Come to think about it, the youngsters do the same thing.  They still rely on their tablets at night when the adults are at the bonfire, but there is a miraculous lack of technology there.  Even though there is television, movies, cell phones, and lap tops, there is surprisingly little interest in them.  Everyone craves the companionship of friends and family.

The girls, aged 10 this year, keep going over to the Millenials’ side of the camp, entranced by big adult things.  Thgey are funnier, more hip, and I think having the girls around makes the Millenials more circumspect.  Their other activity is the creek.  Just like I did as a child, they could spend every waking minute in the icy, chill waters of the mountain steam, its swimming holes and waterfall. My mom used to make sandwiches, a quart of iced tea and one of lemonaid, and we’d spend the whole afternoon back there.

Time seems to stand still, or at least move more slowly.  Even the sun stays up an extra hour, giving us more time to just Be.  My bags are packed, all in readiness for Thursday morning when we light out of here at 10 a.m. promptly.  I’ve been working twelve hour days so am really looking forward to this respite. Fourth of July is something spectacular with a big party, hours of fireworks going up all over the valley, and friends unseen for months to a year.

So if you don’t hear from me for a few days, pay no mind.  I’ll be back in a week and a half, relaxed and ready to renew my acquaintance with every day life.  Cheers!