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Who are you?

Who are you –
the child I have
never known?
I hear your laughter
sparkling and fanciful tones
rich and vibrant
or your anger
tempetuous, lightening
flashes of a summer storm.

I gaze with rapt amazement
at your studied countenance
taking every detail
into account as you
memorize each facet
of your existence.
A pack-rat, stuffing
incidentals into corners
for future use.

I listen to your
flamboyant giety
both mocking and
relishing the life
you call your own.
Sizzling in the excitement
of the moment.

You are . . .
a treasured gift
never allowed to bloom
until playing dress-up
was no longer a game
. . . you are
part of me.
Rarely acknowledged,
always sought.


Winsome breezes

Gentle winds stirring my soul
awaken the peace within –
soothe these somber lines
etched deeply in this fragile flesh.
Bring comfort, an ease from
the restless torment
so keenly felt in more active times
when I failed to hesitate
and feel the sun’s warm glow
or remember the days
when winsome breezes
kissed my face and nurtured
a scared young child –
allowing her freedom
and a quiet serenity
to sustain her in harsh times.