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Spring’s emotions

It’s one of those bitter Spring days. One of rain and a chill that seeps into your marrow. The leaves are unfurling, flowers are everywhere, but I’m not about to go appreciate them. This is an essential rite of passage (April showers bring . . . ) and our water tables need every drop, but I’d like to go out and play and doing so with an umbrella just doesn’t cut it. I vaguely remember a time when I enjoyed the rain but the key word is vaguely. Times have changed.

With Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, my body is screaming out in pain. It is a sorry state to be in and so many of us have it. The weather hurls its dispensations down on you. You are at the mercy of your body. When I go out, I watch people walking in the rain, umbrella-less, as if they hadn’t a care in the world. My nose glued to the windows, taking in the bounty of Spring through the drops sliding down the windows. Poor, pitiful me.

It’s Spring! I can see the beauty of the world resurrecting itself. Be grateful we still have the cycle of seasons even if they aren’t as in the past. The flowers are magnificently vibrant this year. They sparkle in vivid hues I don’t remember seeing so strongly in some time. I moan and groan in disrespect for God’s creation. I’m inside, my cat lying next to me, having the time to write and read for a change. I have every reason to be grateful and have I mentioned . . . It’s Spring!

The small and large, the Lord sees them all

There are days when the most you can do is observe. Look at the clouds and see pictures in it. See the contrast between small grasses and the glory of water and sky, all part of God’s creation. All for us to cherish and protect. To be able to look the children of this world in the eye and know I did all I could.  I am just an infinitely  small piece of dust and water yet I have a job here.  To glorify the Trinity and thank them for the magnificent world they gave us.  And to be a gardener and garbage collector, to show what we have at stake to loose, and to safeguard this world for our children. So I have to remember baby steps.grass against sky water scene MD

Picture by Marty Dugan