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Autumn Awakening

The magic begins…

leaves rustle on trees,

dusting the air

falling to our feet

rubies and emeralds

dusting the toes


A hint of cooler airs

stirs the blood

causing it to waken

from the slow sludge

of humid, hot summer


The spirit quickens

now is the time

for a honing of skills

an awakening of creativity


September brings alertness

no longer encumbered

by the blanket breathing

still life of summer months


Donning light sweaters

we wrap them about us

as we venture new beginnings

chins up, we brave the world


A Chalice of Love

How deeply you have touched me –
awakening a long dormant quietness
of the soul, a tender wondering of
love and life’s meaning.

I, who for so long contented myself
with casual passer’s-by,
now tremble on the verge
of a new reality – vulnerable, shaky,
not quite sure of this other person within.

You have left me a pirate’s
treasure of gifts . . . silken feelings
and memories of gold.
No longer a face close by
forever etched in my heart
for showing me a jewel encrusted
chalice holding a nectar of love.