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Only Reality

Awoken, dreams are brushed aside

long living emerges

values and beliefs gain ground

casting aside aspersions

ultimate reality prevails

no hiding, no subterfuge,

just the realism of being

the awakening of perception

the refusal to hide

from beliefs and values

honoring them

with wide eyes open

breaking time worn imaginings

to rise with pride

and self-containment

in the realization

you are justified

in the validity

of your beliefs

and each day’s dawning

is acceptance of your place

in this world

and your worth

as a being of humanity


Boxed in – no fancy ribbons

just cheap imitations

sold at the local dollar store

Boxes tighter

claustrophobic, choking,                                                                  

“for your own good” and yes

we are worried about liabilities

a danger to any who may pass you

and, of course, you yourself.

Meanwhile boxes are continuing

to slip one inside another – seamlessly

gasping for air, understanding

resolution . . .

Yes, yes, there are reasons

whether simple or profound

this brain is rattled, aching, worn . . .

but what of those wild women

who lived on the edge

defying societal norms –

smoked their cigars, wore pantaloons

conducted torrid affairs, never

afraid to break away, defying expectations

Could I be one of these?

ride a horse, a motorcycle, a jet

daring authorities to stop me

Yet, I’m a good little soldier

compliant, scared

angry at them, at me,

for maintaining the status code

gasping to breathe –

suffocating – these boxes

will surely kill me

which, I suppose, is

the tightest one of all.