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When I’m with you I feel real,
he said, the gentleness
in his eyes belying the fear
in his heart, the quivering
insecurity of his soul.

He is a wounded one, all right,
the pain of betrayal
steeped in his loins.

There once was a woman,
she said, who hung mirrors
in every room, every niche,
in a towering edifice
she insisted was home.

Done so she could look
and remind herself that she
still existed, that she was real.

Read the “Velveteen Rabbit”,
she said as she softly
slipped her hand into his.

Look in the mirror
and tell yourself again
and yet again,
that you are Real.

She knows that emptiness
brought on by years
of holding herself erect,
while inside she melted away,
the “who” of herself
fading from the “what”
of her life, brought to bear
upon her by those called family.

Within, she said, rests a kernel
of effervescence –
luminous, brilliant, yet
with a purity too true to destroy.

Let the mirror be your guide
into the heart of you.

A Chalice of Love

How deeply you have touched me –
awakening a long dormant quietness
of the soul, a tender wondering of
love and life’s meaning.

I, who for so long contented myself
with casual passer’s-by,
now tremble on the verge
of a new reality – vulnerable, shaky,
not quite sure of this other person within.

You have left me a pirate’s
treasure of gifts . . . silken feelings
and memories of gold.
No longer a face close by
forever etched in my heart
for showing me a jewel encrusted
chalice holding a nectar of love.