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Your Rage

You – so full of youthful righteousness
from resolve etched in fear
slipping down the planes and lines
of your furrowed brow
glowering your rage and frustration
despair flung out, rolling in waves
warding off the heavens
with its glad tidings
and earnest appeal
granting no access within
wanting only to ward off all
who might crack through
that thin veneer and reach
the fragile underpinnings
of your heart
Try to remember dear one
all words are not weapons
some hold elements of honesty
to the eyes and mind of another

You are safe
though you choose to fear it
your childlike emotions
do not threaten me
Safe may not look like you
envisioned it
but safe nonetheless
You are loved little one
You are loved

Yearning for Glory


You are but a child
yearning for glory
without knowing the
weapons or how best
to use them.
The gift of knowledge,
so slow to attain –
once yours,
remains within forever,
to be pulled forth
when needed.

As with a child,
you will grow . . .
passing stages in
an ever accelerated pace,
on to loftier aims.
But again –
a child learns first
to creeping crawl
close to the ground.
Next tottering precariously
on weaving legs,
quick to buckle down,
with many falls.

He tip-toe teeters forward,
unsteady limbs
propelling him onward
against his will –
crying when defeat
crosses his path.
Running comes last
through the clean, sweet air.
But battle scars
are always won –
before the medal is obtained.